The switch seems to be not working as expected. Frames seems to be dropped or forwarded to the wrong port

I have a turris omnia 1.1 with turris os version: 5.3.4.
My network is configurated as illustrated below.

┌───────────────┐      ┌────────────────┐       ┌────────┐
│               │LAN1  │                │LAN2   │        │
│   AP (tplink) ├──────┤  TURRIS OMNIA  ├───────┤  NAS   │
│               │      │                │       │        │
└───────────────┘      └────────────────┘       └────────┘

   x        x              x     x
    xxxxxxxx                xxxxx
      WIFI                  WIFI
    x       x              x     x
     xxxxxx                 xxxxx

     ┌───┐               x   ┌───┐
     │   │               xx  │   │
     │ S │ ──────────────xxx │ S │
     │ M │               xx  │ M │
     │   │               x   │   │
     └───┘                   └───┘

(I don’t have changed the default network configuration (and “layout”) except the ip addresses.)

The issue is that when I do the following actions:

  1. connect to the TPLINK wifi network
  2. ping the NAS
  3. disconnect from the TPLINK wifi network
  4. connect to the turris omnia wifi network

I have to wait a few minutes (~5m?) to be able to ping the NAS again (because I don’t receive ARP replies). In the meanwhile the ARP replies received by the turris omnia switch chip seems to be dropped or forwarded to the tplink (but I cannot simply monitor traffic between the tplink and turris omnia.

What is the cause of the issue? The Forwarding Database Entry of the switch? How can I fix it?

@Pepe there is a problem in the description of the issue? I am wondering why nobody has replied me yet

After an hour of investigation I have found that this issue is related to

Hello, this issue seems to be fixed in a new kernel. You can try to switch your router to HBL branch to get the TOS6 to see if it helped.


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