The current omnia-medkit of 30.July 2023 does not work? [solved]

Please which download link should I use for latest medkit for turris omnia ?

The package with 56,8 MB does not work ? I have checked three times
with USB-stick …

Medkit …
How to … Omnia - Turris Documentation


Thank you. But after re-flash still green LED is lightning for “power” on the left side ?!

If I remember well, there was, somewhere, sometimes, notice, that power LED was at some moment changed from blue to green…

From blue to green ? Are you sure ?
Normal colour of LED is always white ?!
Also green LED means that internet connection does not work.
There is something wrong in the files of latest medkit for Turris Omnia
(of recent Sunday and Monday).

Have checked in the meantime and made two re-boots, after probably there was
a patch updating the re-flash of yesterday.
Now it works again. Went to re-foris and made some settings.
Now it seems to be proper. Only green LED for Power Supply stays the same.
But internet IPV4 works and IPV6 is disabled.
Thank you and Cheers. This thread is solved !!

Use Rainbow util to change it if you dont like.

See Turris OS 6.0 is released :wink: