Thanks for the 2GB-RAM upgrade perk

Just wanted to draw some attention to that, that’s what i waited for \o/
(now i only need a 5-antenna-perk, and i’ll be happy forever :slightly_smiling:)

Thanks for the good work!
And I really hope that a cool community will evolve around this project and will help further improving the software… and so on.

but why is the upgrade that expensive? 49$ for +1GB RAM seems to me to be overpriced.

There’s another thread where it is mentioned that ram won’t be upgradeable by the user - why?

Because it involves some expensive changes in the manufacturing process? Someone already explained this in another thread, or maybe it was on the indiegogo q&a-page, i forgot about that…
And why they didn’t choose DIMM-slots, i can only guess: maybe it’s about the size?

Edit: Another answer that was posted on the indiegogo-page: “This means redesigning the board with new pads for another RAM module. I guess we (2GB backers) will pay partly for the board redesign and partly for the RAM chip.”

The RAM is soldered, but they’ve apparently solved the issue where it would be a lot of work to make their design work with 2GB. In a comment, the creators mentioned that it would cost something like $75 to upgrade, so $49 must really be at cost.

but still if you look how many people bought that perk it’s more than 350 people.
I must agree with Der_Schlachter that 49$ for only 1GB RAM is overpriced.
I’m waiting for end of the campaing to see if there will be stretch goal to 2GB for all, but if it won’t be I think that I will pay it for it. I don’t have skills to unsolder/solder more RAM chip(s).

They should just add a perk with 4GB for $69. Same $25 upgrade, but $3GB for $44 is more interesting :slight_smile:

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Ah, forgot it was a 32bit device… So 3GB for $59 then :smiley:

I’d say 4GB if there’s no 3GB chips out there, even though only ~ 3.2 can be utilized. It shouldn’t be a lot more expensive.

If the team could find a way to place the SO-DIMM slots under the board that would be so much better!

The project team explained in the comments on Indiegogo why that’s not possible.


so how is someone supposed to sign up for both the router and the memory upgrade perks?

You need to buy both router and memory upgrade separately. They will process the order and send you the router with 2 Gbytes.

Hi there,
For whatever reason I decided to wait until the last few hours to back this project. I want to get hte router and the extra memory.
My question is do I back it with two separate “Perks” (Turris Omnia router and the 2 GB RAM upgrade) over two separate transactions, or do I just back the Omnia and add an extra $50 “Gift”?

I want to make sure I’m doing it properly for the project and so I get the correct RAM. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi, answer is in comment above, buy both separatly

Jeez, I don’t know how I missed that. Reading is fundamental, huh? :wink:


I ordered the 1G router. I want to have the Turris router, because I have a standard router that has no updates at all. I like the automatic safety updates and the openwrt software.
Because I already ordered the 1G version, I wonder if I could still get the upgrade to 2Gb. I think it is still possible when I order the 2 Gb perk now?

Yes! You have about a week to do this, but better do it ASAP :wink:


I will get to work on it ASAP.

Edited: I’ve done it.