Thank You for the Turris Omnia

Hello, I just want to thank the Turris team for a great product and a good work so far. Also many thanks to the great community which formed on this forum. There are a lot of people here willing to help others in their free time without any reward.

I’m afraid that from some comments on this forum it can seem that there are only problems with the Omnia. But that is because of a bias - happy customers don’t need to ask. So I’d like to show that there are also happy customers.

I bought the Omnia not only because of its great specs, but also because I wanted to learn something. And I can honestly say that the Omnia works perfectly for me. I use only a relatively basic setup (WiFi, OpenVPN, SSH Honeypot), but I was able to configure everything without any previous experience with OpenWRT or OpenVPN. Of course that things don’t work if I configure them incorrectly, but that’s how it should be. And I can hardly find a better way of learning than learning from own mistakes.

So, CZ.NIC, thank you for an exceptional product and wish you a lot of success when improving it even more. And you, happy customers, please, write a line here, so others know about you.


You are right. People sometimes do not consider that there are like 4 000 Omnia, and also are 1 000 Turris 1.0 and 1 000 Turris 1.1. Compared to this, number of people on this forum is pretty low. For example I have yet to encounter a serious problem.


I soooo agree to what rbedos wrote and opened that thread with!

It’s always easy whining about some product not being good enough.
But actually building a product with this quality, especially taking into account that size of the team and it’s financial and material resources!?
I still can’t believe it works so incredibly flawlessly for me here.

And people criticizing should in my opinion then also mention at least one router from at least one vendor that’s even remotely comparable in this price class with those specs, - and OpenWRT(!) - I simply couldn’t find anything! That’s why I wanted to support the Turris Omnia.

And now I have a router, better then anything I could have got on the market, not even mentioning the price!

Seriously, Turris Team, your work is outstanding and I love it!

Just work towards pushing your work upstream and update the LuCi-adblock to the newest version! :wink: :grinning:

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I concur!! :sunglasses:

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Happy customer here from Canada. Rocking my Turris and love getting my hands dirty in the shell once in a while. A great way to learn more…Thanks!

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I have opposite opinion right now about Omnia, I even consedering return back to my previous router. Here stuff I don’t like:

I wasn’t able to set up ipv6 static ip at all and there is no way to allow external traffic to internal servers via UI (except of custom ip6tables command)

WiFi is highly unstable up to be unusable, especially 2.4Ghz.

Software quality is poor, there are huge number of errors and warnings in start up scripts.

SFP doesn’t work.

Remote logging settings in UI doesn’t work.

And there are more.

Probably it’s a good toy, but definitely it’s not ready to be the main router.

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You forgot to put a “yet” behind

“Probably it’s a good toy, but definitely it’s not ready to be the main router.”

So it should be …

“Probably it’s a good toy, but definitely it’s not ready to be the main router yet.”

:grin: Take the time, the train has left a few weeks ago and it is gaining speed. Those bugs will be squashed in no time.

@yorik you missed the topic, this is the thank-you-all-is-fantastic-thread :wink:

I just enjoyed a wonderfull evening of Turris Omnia tweaking! This device RAWKS on so many levels

Making me regret a historical post I made; where I doubted Omnia’s added value… sorry cz.nic!

I was wrong to even pose the question!!

Unlike so many of the complainers I knew exactly what I was getting into when I purchased my Omnia through Indiegogo. I read, and understood, that the Omnia is a new product, and as such would have rough edges when it debuted. Because of my years of experience with OpenWRT I knew it would require some manual tinkering to get it to function exactly how I wanted it to, but that flexibility is only possible because of the power of the software and my willingness to get my hands dirty.

After years of running OpenWRT, DDWRT, Tomato, Sveasoft and the like on underpowered and barely supported commodity hardware, I am glad to finally have a powerful hardware solution available to me for home use that doesn’t cost as much as a commercial solution would, and I considered those. I know Turris will never have a huge market selling millions of units (one could hope) but I extend my deepest gratitude to the team behind the Omnia for making it available. It was worth every penny I paid and I hope to use it for many years to come. Thank you!


I agree with that. This is also my case. I have bought Omnia as one of first supporters during first date of project release on Indiegogo. I have also original Turris 1.1. Omnia does what I expected and it is woth the money. I’ve used different routers before and I even didn’t tried to get OpenWRT working on them because of poor hardware.

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I agree with the above posters. In particular I have been extremely impressed with the security updates so far. You know a computer device is well maintained when you learn about new CVEs through its update notifications.

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Yes. There are happy customers. I like it.