Thank You Dev Team

To the development team and all who contribute to Turris OS and the Turris hardware.


I have been a follower of Turris since the Omnia Kickstarter campaign. I have never seen a better router and have been using mine everywhere I’ve lived since it was delivered.

Sure - there are things which have bugged me while I’ve had it. Things I’d like to be doing with the router which don’t seem possible, or I don’t have the technical ability to achieve.

However, my satisfaction rating is still very high overall. Really not very far from 10/10. Certainly better than 9.5/10.

So thank you to all the hardware and software engineers who have contributed to Turris over the years. You have made my life measurably better over the years. I appreciate your work, time, and effort.



That topic should be in Feedback category :smiley:
But I do agree with you. I first heard about Turris Project just after IGG campain and I was lucky to buy for cheap two used Omnias. “And its more than a router. Its open-source center of your house.”

So thank you Turris Team!


+1, another huge Turris fan here :grin:


Yep, they do a great job!


Same for me. As I noted already in different thred I learned so much about linux thanks to following this project since about 2013.

Turris is definitely center of my home together with technology from Synology.


Exactly what [Duncan_Innes] said, I’ve been here from the Omnia campaign. It was a little rocky during some of the code upgrades but I hung in there and now the Omnia is the best router I’ve ever owned and I have a trash bin full of dead routers.


Hear, hear! It’s an awesome project/project. So glad I bought it from the original Indiegogo campaign. Best router I’ve ever owned – by a large margin. Great team! Keep up the awesome work!


In geneally we post stuff when we have issues or are unhappy. Nice to see some positivity… agree with all your comments guys, there are issues but the Turris team does respond and it’s a great project overall…


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