Teamspeak server

Teamspeak server is not accessible after Turris Shield install. Tested on two PC’s. Why the teamspeak is on the blacklist? Is any chance to resolve this issue?

I don’t get what domain or IP address you mean by “teamspeak server”. On a quick glance there are veeery many of those.

My teamspeak servers… I have two TS servers, default ports 9987. Now I installed 2 pcs of the Turris Shield and both TS servers (another location) are not accessible. Everything is fine if the turris shield is disconnected. So the firewall must block this default port or something. I will try to set another ports for TS servers and let you know.

If I understand… Turris Shield does bot have a port forwarding, so the TS server, NAS and etc is not accessible behind the Turris Shield… Right?

Right, Shield doesn’t (currently) have UI for port forwarding, but I suspect it may appear in future.