Tcpdump updater error

I’m getting email notifications of this error on my Turris Omni 5.3.0 router.

Error notifications
Updater failed:

[string "transaction"]:327: [string "transaction"]:151: Collisions:

• /usr/sbin/tcpdump: tcpdump-mini (existing-file), tcpdump (new-file)

Good question. I didn’t do anything to install it. Just started getting the emails out of the blue. No updates shows up on the web UI either.

Is there something I can run via SSH to remove the package or list what dependency is causing it to get installed?

yes, in Luci. goto system > software > update lists > search for tcpdump-mini > go to ‘installed’ and remove it ?

btw, me think this tcpdump-mini was used for adblock, but does work without.

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I think you are right. I may have recently removed the Adblock LuCI extension. Perhaps that is the root cause of the bug. A dangling dependency?

Ok, removed tcpdump-mini version 4.9.3-2 using the LuCI package manager. I’ll report back if I get any more update error email notifications.

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