Tapatalk support


Are there any plans to support Tapatalk? I can’t find the forum in Tapatalk’s settings.


Does it need any (and if so, why)?

IMHO discourse’s responsive design is doing a mighty fine job on small-factor screens natively.

Of course; if someone uses Tapatalk as his/her personal/central forum-hub I can imagine it would be nice to have all sources together. Any other rational for Tapatalk support (I am not a Tapatalk user myself)?

Yes, I’d like to have all my favorite forums in this excellent app.

regarding Tapatalk on official forum about Discourse I found this:
“You can start a marketplace topic if you have a budget, and see if anyone is interested. The Tapatalk compatibility feature is not on our roadmap at all right now.” from 3rd February.

but you can use their official APP for Android (maybe also for other systems) on Play Store

That’s a pity :frowning: I knew about the Discourse app, I have been using it for several days. Tapatalk is much, much better and I would love to have all in one. Unfortunately I can’t afford to support a project.