Tailscale packages based on upstream binaries

As discussed at Turris OS 6.0.2 is now released, I promised to come back once I had something working.

The repository at GitHub - mato/tailscale-turris: Tailscale packages for Turris OS contains tooling to build .ipk packages of upstream Tailscale suitable for use on Turris OS, without any dependencies on OpenWRT tooling, i.e. "just run make".

Next steps:

  • Figure out what a custom package feed needs to look like and get the updater to accept it. (done)
  • Decide on where to host such a feed and/or discuss with upstream (Tailscale Inc.) whether or not they can integrate this into their build system. (done)
  • The end goal is to get updates of Tailscale on the router automatically when a new upstream version is released.


  • Look into developing a simple ReForis plugin for Tailscale.

Feedback welcome.


After a bit of hunting around for the updater-ng documentation I’ve now implemented tooling for serving up a custom package feed of the Tailscale packages in this repository.

@Pepe I’d be interested in your feedback on this, especially on the updater-ng side. Do I need to care about the “classic” opkg-side configuration (/etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf) on the router side at all, or is the “lua-only” method I’m using sufficient?

This is now live and ready for testing.

For installation instructions refer to the documentation in the Github repository.

Feedback welcome, including “It works for me <3”.

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What’s the status on getting automatic tailscale updates with OS updates? (Doesn’t seem to be working. Current version on the repo is 1.24.2-1 while the latest release is 1.56.1)

In terms of getting upstream-based Tailscale packages into the “default” Turris repositories, nothing has moved on that front. The main problem there is such packages would need to be built from source and either go via the upstream OpenWRT repositories, or someone on the Turris side would need to maintain such packages.

My repositories use a different route and repackage the official ARM static binaries published by Tailscale, which side-steps these issues.

I don’t have any statistics on hand, but there are >1 people using the packages from my repositories without any issues.


Thanks for your work!
Forgive me if my question is a little naive, I am not a developer, but since OpenWRT is open source and you’re building this anyways for yourself (so I suppose not too much extra work involved), could you offer to the OpenWRT community to maintain this?