Tailscale on Turris 7.0.0

I am on Turris 7.0.0
I can see various mentions of Tailscale but no definitive information.

Tailscale is not in the Turris package list: reForis / Package Mgt / packages
but is in the referenced openwrt repository: Luci / System / Software.

Is it safe / reliable to install the tailscale package from that openwrt repo?
I am unclear on to what extent it is safe to install apps from the openwrt repo.
(the only app I’ve installed from it so far is nano )

If it is ok to install it,
Will it then get updated as part of Turris Packge Management updates?
or will I need to update it separately?

ha, yes, I saw that thanks. It also says:

You use everything here at your own risk.

So i guess from that I can’t use the package in the openwrt repository.
In that case my preference would be then to wait until it was officially supported,
ie in the reForis / Package Mgt / packages repository.

I’m very risk averse :upside_down_face:

Unless you think I’m misunderstanding the situation…

Author of that repo here. “You use everything at your own risk” is a standard disclaimer. If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces :slight_smile:

Having said that, I’ve had zero complaints about those packages, and people are using them, including on TOS 7.0.0.

The one issue I do know of is that IPv6 exit routes cannot route packets properly (Turris OS / OpenWRT: IPv6 exit node cannot route exit packets due to OpenWRT policy rules · Issue #6677 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub), but that is not specific to Turris OS, and unlikely to affect you.

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hi mato, thanks

(chuckle) of course I understood the disclaimer. I do use ppa’s under Linux.

My point was really that if it wasn’t part of the standard reForis repository
and the one from the openwrt repository doesn’t work,
then using something outside the repos could potentially get broken on updates
or cause something else to break on updates.

As I travel a lot and am away from some locations for up to 3 months,
having something break means I lose access to that location.
(anything I get from ppa’s are major packages on my laptops, and they come with me, so if something breaks I can fix wherever I am)

That’s what I worry about.