Switch my TO from Turris OS to OpenWrt/LEDE?

Continuing the discussion from Integrating Hardware support into LEDE/OpenWrt by the community:

Has anyone made the leap yet? I can see a lot of advantages… But I’d be very keen to keep BTRFS support for external storage (i.e. the mSATA storage) - I don’t necessarily needs schnapps.


The support for TO has been already merged into OpenWrt - actually you can try it out by installing the OpenWrt snapshot from there: https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/mvebu/cortexa9/
For external storage you can use any of the filesystem you want and is supported by OpenWrt. For BTRFS you will probably need to install kmod-fs-btrfs.

Thanks, this is my thinking, too.

FWIW, I had asked elsewhere about btrfs support (search the folling page for ‘zxdavb’):

I asked:

I had a look, and can’t really work it out: Will my TO still support BTRFS if I switch to OpenWrt?
BTRFS (e.g. lxc-snapshot) is the only feature that my TO currently have that I couldn’t do without - I don’t necessarily need schnapps.

and the reply was a simple ‘no’.

However, I think the responder possibly thought I was referring to the TOs own FS, and features like schnapps, rather than external storage, and features like lxc-snapshot.

I like my TO - and Turris OS/Foris in general - but I feel the maintainers are more interested in what suits them (i.e. knot, HASS) than what suits me (e.g. LTS branch, up to date packages). Knot, in particular, continues to cause me problem, after problem (at the moment, I have a dnsmasq proxy installed in an LXC, just so I can get my OpenVPN tunnels working properly).

If I do go down the ‘pure’ OpenWrt route (and I probably will), then I’ll be using my own buildroot, as before…

…the delay is because my only TO is my ‘production’ system.

Yes, your understanding is correct, btrfs will not work on TO’s FS.
I will try OpenWrt/LEDE as soon as the 18.x stable branch come out - I have read on LEDE forum that first RC version is expected around April.

OK - I’ve switched one of my two TOs to OpenWrt. Was pretty easy, used medkit method (gets a temporary OpenWrt), and then a sysupgrade off a EXT3 USB thumb drive.

Appears btrfs is supports (but unsurprisingly, not schnapps) - will be testing lxc with btrfs snapshots & will report back.

Medkit method described here:

Files downloadable from here:

I had a serial console, but SSH is available via dropbear (sorry, not tested by me).

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