Switch fails to detect link with 100/FD (no MDIX) device

I put this here to TOS4 section because this device worked flawlessly with 3.11.x.
With 4.0.1 this embedded device with 100MBit/FD nic fails to get a link on the Turris switch.

I’m able to connect other devices to the switch which support MDIX themselves. I see that the link goes up and down once or twice until it gets stable while negotiating with my HP laptop. But in the end I get a proper 1GB/FD link.

But this embedded device gets no link at all anymore. I tried to set “ethtool -s lan1 mdix auto” but I get “not supported”.

I tried setting speed, duplex by hand but it didn’t help.

Sorry for the noise… seems the device itself had a problem. Everything works again.