SWAP - Yes or no


I am planning use internal SSD disc for MySQL database, and external USB3 2.5 disc for the large files/NAS. I will use ext3/4 filesystem

Would you recommend create/configure swap partition(s) on the discs? Or its not required, recommended for some reasons?

Thanks for answer

I consider you question to be to much general. Answer mostly depend on RAM used by your programs and total amount of router memory .
According my desktop experience, if more than one half of memory is used you can get some improvement by adding of swap. If you have lager enough ssd, you can create swap partion in size of your RAM and from time to time check how much memory is used. Later change of partion size is thanks to to tool like gparted quit easy (if you can connect ssd to laptop).
So even if you would describe all used program and database size, it would be still just guessing. So better solution is just to start with some meaningfull configuration and correct it later…