Support portal working?



when the switch chip in the router stopped working and with it the lan ports, not even one year after buying it new, I opened a ticket #003854 in the support portal This has gone unacknowledged for one month though. Reading now related posts here in the forum it would seem to have happened to others too.

Is the support platform even alive and if so why there is such lack of responsiveness, does anyone know?

Whilst I was able to open another communication channel via the online platform the router was bought from the device has gone for repair for weeks without any information about the status of the repair or when a fully functioning device will be returned.

Of course hardware could fail, preferably it should not, but the lack of responsiveness from repair support is not understandable.


I’ve had a ticket open for over 2 weeks and haven’t received any answer…
No idea if they are even looking at the support queries.


I think they do. I opened two ticets in my Turris experience and they have answered.

I remember it took some time but at some point they answered. I suggest you to provide as much info as possible. If you are using Omnia or MOX, which version, which branch, what you have tried to fix the problem, what do you think the problem is, logs and so on. They are not reading minds you know.


Thanks for confirming they do read the tickets.
I have also posted my question over here:
Contains about everything I posted in the ticket


Yeah I just saw this thread. I don’t know how to help. I am messing with Omnia a lot (but I don’t mess with uboot) and I never bricked it in a way to not to be able to flash a medkit from usb.

Did you try that already?


Yeap, I tried all methods mentioned on that page.
I even have UART conn ected to see whaat happens.
I have described the results in the aformentioned topic


I don’t know if it’s me but your topic is a bit let’s say…messy.
Just a lot of output copy-pasted no text formatting etc. It’s just hard to read and understand the issue.


Reformatted the text, should be a lot clearer now.
Thanks for the headsup


Hi @how_about_support,

BTW: Good nickname.

I have been able to find all the details about your ticket together with your RMA. On Friday, we have received your ticket and on Monday, we have received the inquiry, where you bought it and where we have been in touch with you all the time. Keep in mind that we don’t respond during the weekend just on working days. As we have been in touch with you then you also created this thread. So about one issue, we should speak to you three times in different places. This is not how it works as it isn’t effective, right?

However, you shipped the unit to us, we looked at it and you received from us what has been repaired and how and also the router was shipped to you. According to EU law, we have 30 days for RMA. We solved your issue within this period.

Closing this thread.


Your ticket has been answered.


Thank you very much, I will continue the conversation trough the ticketing system :slight_smile:

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