Suggestion: Use the NextcloudPi project (NCP) to simplify deployment of Nextcloud on your devices


I’m a volunteer with the NextcloudPi project, which is an official part of Nextcloud itself.

The goal is to simplify installation and maintenance of Nextcloud across all architectures, including ARM devices of all kinds. The project already offers an architecture agnostic Curl script, docker images and pre-made images that simplify deploying Nextcloud to your device. It could be a VPS, bare metal server or small arm box.

You can use ncp-config (accessible from the terminal / SSH) and ncp-web (webui) tools to add a friendly user interface for executing OCC commands, adding additional USB drives, backing up configuration data, enabled SSL, etc. The lead developer is very friendly, and provides a Telegram chat, Github page for the project, and runs the website