Successful WiFi 6 Upgrade

Hey all,
I’d like to thank the Turris team for keeping my Omnia running well over so many years. I just upgraded it to WiFi 6 using MediaTek MT7915E 802.11bgnacax. I’d recommend this upgrade to anyone because this card seems to have a much more stable driver in OpenWRT. Using this card allows you to keep only a single WiFi card, which frees up an additional slot in the router. I’ve also replaced some pigtails and added an antenna.

If you were curious, I got the card from here:



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I’m confused. I previously read

The AW7915-NP1 is a Wi-Fi 6 4x4 card but can only serve one band at a time (2.4 or 5 GHz), called Dual Band Selectable.

And the official Omnia with WiFi 6 also adds a 2.4G card with that one:

Interesting, I guess I didn’t notice that it doesn’t support both bands at the same time.

IIRC the variants with *-NPD instead of *-NP1 do have it or Turris MOX Wi-Fi 6 Addon (DBDC) | Discomp - networking solutions – but it’s a tradeoff with other properties.

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