Subcategories under Turris Omnia

Would it be possible to create some sub-categories? The forum is starting to really pick up users and it might help people if there was different places to post things like Getting Started, How Tos, Ideas, Bug Reports, Hardware mods, etc.


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Would be great… Personally, due missing Omnia www (as turris have nice ones), I store the threads to directories like DNS, Wifi, and must update it quite often as new replies comes…

Indeed, this board needs a bit organizing.
Currently it is quite a mess.

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I think somekind of Marketplace subcategory woyuld be appropriate as currently, guys who want to get rid of their Omnia (No idea why), would not have to post their wish into HW category, where it would just dissapear to the bottom.

I’ve been thinking about that since I saw that it is not only one post. I will probably do it once I’ll have time.

It would be really good to have subcategories related to TurrisOS versions. For example periodically create subcategory: “Issues & problems after update to v3.3” etc.