Strongswan no IKE config found for ... sending NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN

Attempting to set strongswan to connect site2site. Follow this guide, but unsuccessfully.

I just set up configuration file, / etc / config / ipsec

It is necessary to set anything else?

Could you give me an advice please?

2016-11-08T11:59:41+01:00 info []: 14[IKE] no IKE config found for IP1…IP2, sending NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN
2016-11-08T11:59:41+01:00 info []: 14[ENC] generating INFORMATIONAL_V1 request 3528116846 [ N(NO_PROP) ]
2016-11-08T11:59:41+01:00 info []: 14[NET] sending packet: from IP1[500] to IP2[500] (40 bytes)
2016-11-08T11:59:51+01:00 info []: 15[NET] received packet: from IP2[500] to IP1[500] (128 bytes)
2016-11-08T11:59:51+01:00 info []: 15[ENC] parsed ID_PROT request 0 [ SA V V ]

Starting strongswan by /etc/init.d/ipsec.

Config files was not generated, /etc/ipsec.conf or /var/ipsec.conf, /etc/ipsec.secrets or /var/ipsec.secrets.

do you use strongswan-mod-uci? bcz without that you need to configure the /etc/ipsec.conf as you do it on normal linux.

Because I did not understand how to set strongswan-mode-uci at Turris Omnia, I chose the classic way configuration. And now it works, as well as ipsec connection to Mikrotik.

Thank you showed me the way.