Strange behaviour of the DHCP server (is he working at all?)

Dear friends

I need your help, my Turris Omnia Router shows a very strange behaviour in the last weeks. The routers IP is and the DHCP range is set at 100 with 150 max leases.

When I connect with my phone by WLAN, it connects but it says no internet access. When I check the IP address of the phone it is, which is definitely not within the range. Only if I set the phone to a fixed address within the range it works. But even if I set a static address with the MAC address of the phone in the router, the phone does not connect correctly, if I change the access point (we have around 5 AP). What can I do to check/repair/restart the DHCP server (the router I have restarted many times.
The Ethernet clients behave the same strange way, but there it is easier, to set fixed IP 's but we have 4 phones and 3 tablets = 35 manual setting…
Thanks for your help!

PS: I am anything else than an expert!

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That sounds like you have different dhcp server running somewhere inside your network. OpenWRT in general first checks whether there is another DHCP server running on LAN before starting it.

Hi Miska

That was my first theorie too. But the only sources of DHCP servers are 2 NAS in the network. It is true, that some days ago, one of these was by error configured as a DHCP server, but this is switched of since long and I have restarted the router manytimes since this.


If you turn off DHCP on Turris and plug in some client will it get any IP (other than zeroconfig)?

Hi Mike
No, he doesn’t get an IP

I checked with DHCPEXPLORER 1.4.8, there is no DHCP server in the network at all…

How can I recover this service, restart ot the router obviously doesn’t help?