Storage setup is broken message in reForis

I own a Turris Omnia and have added a SSD to it.

I edited the /etc/fstab file, adding an entry to mount the /dev/sda device to the /data folder.

Then, I and enabled the collectd service, log retention and LXC.

Seemed to work fine.

But today, looking on the storage tab of the reforis interface, it shows this message:

Your setup is currently broken and you are probably loosing data, set a new storage device as soon as you can!

Connecting via SSH showed that the sda device was not mounted.

Clicking on the “Use drive” button just reloads the page and does nothing.

How can I debug this? How can I prevent this from happening again? Is the fstab file volatile?


OK, reading [OpenWrt Wiki] Fstab Configuration I guess I figured this out for myself.

I did

mount /dev/sda /srv
block detect | uci import fstab

Now, reloading the storage page of reForis, it looks OK, says that /dev/sda is in use.

edit: After rebooting the device was no longer mounted.

Apparently, it was not enabled in the uci configuration. Since the reForis “Use device” button did not work, I simply enabled the mount point in luci.

It seems that it is persisted now.

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