Stop posting (and especially answering) in czech please!

I don’t know why but especially here in the Turris OS 4.x topics in czech are appearing more and more.

Dear forum users and especially also dear turris team members. Please stop posting issues in czech and especially don’t answer them. Otherwise all non-locals cannot follow the thread and give insights and also no replies!

We had this situation already once in the forums and it was a mess and it’s not far from becoming a mess again this forum.

Can the turris team please delete or lock-down every newly created post in czech in here and remind the thread owner to not write in czech but in english instead of answering those thread in czech?

Thanks a lot


I totally agree. Se ognuno decidesse di scrivere nella propria lingua, sarebbe davvero una gran confusione.

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I totally second this - and absolutely don’t understand, why there is a distinct section for Czech. I’m not talking about the Turris 1.x, as it was sold only in Czech Republic, but the other devices that are sold internationally.
This not only doesn’t help the community, but is also simply impolite…

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Come se adesso invitassimo tutti gli Italiani sul forum a parlare in italiano. Così ci si capisce meglio e si risolvono più facilmente i problemi.

Impolite ? Please explain…

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If the forum is international, as is right for collaboration reasons, we should speak the international language par excellence, although we are not the chosen one. Otherwise it is rudeness for all those like me who are not from the Czech Republic and speak another language and are already forced to speak English.

English is >
One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie


J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings , Epigraph

Remember, Babylon also fell.

Yes, I agree, it’s better to take users to a private conversation. But do you want to know the solution to the situation?

My mother’s speech is Czech. Some of my posts are Czech and others in English. I use to translate into English speech. And to read more complex English posts, I use the translator in the web browser “Google™ Translator”. Maybe it will help you for Czech written texts in this forum. And on the edge - the router manufacturer is originally a Czech company and therefore a large number of users write Czech.

I understand the reasoning, but I disagree. We all strive to speak the damn English language and not everyone knows it well and must use the translator. But something that addresses the whole world cannot allow parochialism.

I do agree, that posting and replying to a thread in this section should always be in English.
But I do not agree, that posts in Czech should be deleted or locked. They should just be moved to dedicated Czech section of the forum.
The reality is, that there still are a lot of people, who do not speak a word in English and for them, the Czech section is priceless.
I do agree, that they should learn English and benefit from much bigger community, but till they do, it would be impolite to delete or lock their posts.


We can avoid the dilemma by them only posting Czech in the Czech section. They can e.g. cross-link the English post they react to, if they must. I personally don’t feel like encouraging them to mix languages and have moderators sort it out for them.


The most spoken language in the world is Mandarin Chinese.
Maybe we should switch this forum to Chinese instead!

Maybe a plugin like this could be installed to make communication easier for everyone?