Steam Link for Turris Omnia


Valva has officially launched Steam Link also for Raspberry:

I wonder if there is a way to make these packages available for Turris as well?

Just out of curiosity - what for when there’s no gpu and hdmi output?

As for the GPU, it does not have to have any. That is the point of the Steam Link, your PC process data, the Link’s only purpose is to forward data to the display.
As for the HDMI, that is a good question, maybe there is also a way to somehow get the signal out of the box to the display, maybe there is a usb-hdmi converter for that?!

Even for simple hdmi output there has to be some gpu “power”. I also like to have as few devices as possible but this is just too complicated and usb hdmi stick will be at price of RPi so I don’t see any advantage

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There exist USB3 -> HDMI “video cards”, but I have no idea about usability on Linux, let alone ARM-based. EDIT: I’d say for these kinds of things you probably want to get a separate Pi-like board, there are lots of options, some of them probably cheaper than the GPU itself :slight_smile:

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