Stadia not working

I have a weird problem with Google Stadia. It claims that the connection is unstable even though my connection according to Stadia speedtest works with a good speed. Google support doesn’t see any problems, my ISP doesn’t see any problems. So the router is the only thing left.

Stadia worked with my Turris Omnia out of the box last week. But after the automatic updates ran it stopped working. I was stupid enough to restore using a medkit with a USB stick. Which means that I cannot get to the original firmware that was maybe 3.x tree.

Is there a way to downgrade to 3.x? Or any other tips on how to debug the problem?

If I use a VPN then Stadia works fine. Port forwarding doesn’t help. Allowing everything through firewall doesn’t help. Using only IPv4 doesn’t help.

I know that this is not answer you like to hear but we do not have any experience with Stadia. We have no idea what it exactly needs on network so I have no idea what could be wrong.

You can for now downgrade to TOS 3.x by using correct medkit (the difference is for TOS 5.x vs for TOS 3.x).
Edit: Just to be sure… loading TOS 3.x won’t work on new Omnias nor Moxes as those have new version of u-boot and are no longer able to boot TOS 3.x.

I have experience with Stadia. I use it on 5GHz wlan with Turris Omnia 2020 updated to Turris OS 5.1.5 (HBT). No problem. It goes beautifully. 4K ON, HDR ON, Dolby 5.1 ON, Cyberpunk 2077 Ultra HD 60 fps. The fact that I play with wifi is a sign that Omnia is perfect for this task (usually wi-fi is penalizing for gaming, let alone for streaming). There are many factors that can affect the user experience of Stadia: particular router configurations, ISP cap, cabled LAN or wireless (with relative distance from the router/AP, gaming device used), etc etc.

It seems that the problem was outside of my router, so all good!