SSH Honeypot doesn't work

my SSH Honeypot on Omnia doesn’t work as expected. I’ve installed the package, in htop I can see running mitmproxy, port 22 is redirected to internal port of mitmproxy. Via putty I can connect to SSH honeypot and I can see an logon request. So I try to logon as “root” and password “blabla”, answer is login failed, than as second attempt to logon I put another password than telnet freezes and after while connection is closed. In statistics on there are no logged ssh sessions…

For the SSH Honeypot to work you’d have to disable SSH, because Honeypots are only active if the service they emulate is not running.

I’m able to connect to SSH honeypot but if fails after second password entry…

Why would you disable SSH? That doesn’t make any sense.
You need to redirect port for WAN. ( )

I didn’t try SSH honeypot on Omnia yet, but it should work. Did you do everything what is said on my provided link?

I have redirected 22 port and the redirection works. Without redirection I can’t connect, with 22 port redirection I connect to internal port 58732 I could open ssh session and enter login credentials but after the second password try the putty console freezes (I can’t write anything) and after few seconds the connection is closed…

I read about the minipots.

I heard that the honey pot only catches SSH1 connections.

Anyone know whether that that true?