SQM QoS pre OpenVPN (tun0)


I need to shape traffic for OpenVPN clients. I’ve added new queue (Network -> SQM QoS) on tun0 (set upload/download 5000/5000), but clients have full bandwidth.


I assume you try to restart SQM service? check also /etc/config/sqm

Could you post the output of the following commands please:

cat /etc/config/sqm

tc -d qdisc

SQM_DEBUG=1 SQM_VERBOSITY_MAX=8 /etc/init.d/sqm stop ; SQM_DEBUG=1 SQM_VERBOSITY_MAX=8 /etc/init.d/sqm start


Sorry, thanks for your help, but I thought Save & Apply means Save & Apply in LuCI.
After /etc/init.d/sqm restart it works!

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It should and generally does. But if it works now you should be fine?

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Yes, it works and I am fine :wink: thanks