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Ahoj, mám problém s tím, že občas nějaké zařízení vytíží inet. linku tak moc, že prakticky nelze nic dělat, ani DNS dotazy kolikrát neprojdou. Děje se tak hlavně když se zálohují fotky z mobilu na cloud, nahrává se větší soubor na Google disk atd. Upload mám slabší a jak se zahltí, ostatní zařízení si neškrtnou.
Naštěstí problematická zařízení jsou na samostatné WLAN, takže jsem dané wlan přes LuCi nastavil limit na upload / download, aby nemohla vytížit celou linku a vše funguje krásně, ALE… pak bylo potřeba pracovat s lokálním NAS a samozřejmě ten upload se uplatnil i tam, takže to bylo nepoužitelné a musel jsem to vypnout.

Jde nějak nastavit, aby provoz do LAN z dané WLAN byl bez omezení a provoz do internetu měl nastavené rychlostní limity?

Due to my incompetence in CZ I need to respond in english (and I only got the gist of your posting from google translate):
"Hi, I have a problem with the fact that sometimes a device loads inet. so much that practically nothing can be done, even DNS queries will not pass many times. This is mainly done when backing up photos from your mobile to the cloud, uploading a larger file to a Google drive, etc. My upload is weaker and, as it gets overwhelmed, other devices do not get stuck.
Fortunately, the problematic devices are on a separate WLAN, so I set the wlan via LuCi upload / download limit so that it can not get the full line and everything works beautifully, BUT … then it was necessary to work with a local NAS and of course it was useless and I had to turn it off.

Is there any way to set the traffic to the LAN from the WLAN to be unrestricted and the traffic to the Internet set speed limits?"

So what I would recommend is to simply use SQM on the wan interface and configure per-host-fairness as described in https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/traffic-shaping/sqm-details in the section titled " Making cake sing and dance, on a tight rope without a safety net (aka advanced features)".
If successful this will fairly distribute download and upload bandwidth equally between all concurrently active devices, which should solve your 'blocking" issue, while giving uploads all bandwidth if nothing else wants to use the uplink.

P.S.: it was the SQM keyword that “triggered” my response…


Thank you for your reply and sorry that I wrote my question only in czech, I was in a hurry.

I will take a look at it, it looks promising, but I want to exactly know what I am doing, so it will take me some time to investigate it.

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No need to apologize, I wish I was able to understand more languages, and technology has come a long way, allowing me to get a reasonable looking translation within seconds.

+1; that is always a good idea, if you have questions about details, just ask…