SQM configuration or similar solution help

Hi folks,
I need help and education with SQM or a similar solution.

I would need to guarantee a minimum speed for two clients (ideally for a MAC address).

  1. IP Tv
  2. LibreElec

Even speed distribution for the remaining 4 clients.

Thanks for any ideas and information.

That is possible but involved to configure. How fast is your internet access link, how many devices are in your network, and how much bandwidth would you like to reserve for the two named devices?

of course I understand that requires configuration, but I have not experience with that.
By parameters by Vodafofe VDSL2 100/10, real speed 80-90/9,2Mbps

  1. For IPTV 5Mbps
  2. For LibreElec 25Mpbs
    In my network are about 15 devices.

Do you have any ideas and question for my solution?

85/15 = 5.66 Mbps, so for your TV per-internal IP fairness should be okay, even if all devices are concurrently trying to saturate your downlink (which is unlikely).
-> Just follow the “sing and dance” section to see how to configure this.

This is harder since you want targeted un-fairness on the download side. In theory layer_cake and dscp markings could be your solution, but that is quite hard to do on the download side. Maybe we take this step-wise and first try to see whether your IPTV works reliably with per-internal-IP-fairness and then try to tackle the libre elec?

IP TV (as service) that won’t be a problem, it’s SD format
LibreElec can potentially take 30Mbps with 4k.

Other devices are used to browse the web.
or come up with another config solution…

That is for personal message.

Yes, that can be a problem. In layer_cake.qos with the optional diffserv4 mode, you can get up to 50% for the second highest priority tier, so if you move the librelec traffic (and only the libreelec traffic) into that band, your issue should be solved. BUT the problem is doing that on ingress, default SQM is not prepared for that, due to the fact that its ingress IFB runs before iptables and before NAT so simple remark rules will not work.