SPI interface availability

The pinout from official documentation shows there are SPI signals exposed to pin header connector.

Are there signals available for the connection of SPI sensor and readout from user application?

The SPI device is not listed in the device list by default…

root@TF-R1_mox:~# ls /dev
btrfs-control       mtd1                sdb2                tty28                 tty50               ttyS14
bus                 mtd1ro              shm                 tty29               tty51               ttyS15
console             mtd2                snd                 tty3                tty52               ttyS2
cpu_dma_latency     mtd2ro              tty                 tty30               tty53               ttyS3
full                mtd3                tty0                tty31               tty54               ttyS4
gpiochip0           mtd3ro              tty1                tty32               tty55               ttyS5
gpiochip1           mtd4                tty10               tty33               tty56               ttyS6
hwrng               mtd4ro              tty11               tty34               tty57               ttyS7
i2c-0               mtdblock0           tty12               tty35               tty58               ttyS8
kmsg                mtdblock1           tty13               tty36               tty59               ttyS9
log                 mtdblock2           tty14               tty37               tty6                ubi_ctrl
loop-control        mtdblock3           tty15               tty38               tty60               urandom
loop0               mtdblock4           tty16               tty39               tty61               vcs
loop1               net                 tty17               tty4                tty62               vcs1
loop2               network_latency     tty18               tty40               tty63               vcsa
loop3               network_throughput  tty19               tty41               tty7                vcsa1
loop4               null                tty2                tty42               tty8                watchdog
loop5               port                tty20               tty43               tty9                watchdog0
loop6               ppp                 tty21               tty44               ttyMV0              zero
loop7               ptmx                tty22               tty45               ttyS0               zram0
memory_bandwidth    pts                 tty23               tty46               ttyS1
mmcblk1             random              tty24               tty47               ttyS10
mmcblk1p1           rtc0                tty25               tty48               ttyS11
mtd0                sdb                 tty26               tty49               ttyS12
mtd0ro              sdb1                tty27               tty5                ttyS13

we do not recommend to use the SPI bus because of the use for NOR memory. The SPI bus pins on the connector are used for initial programming.
Alternatively, you can use the GPIO1_11 to GPIO1_14 with the kmod-spi-gpio-custom module. Keep in mind that all logic is 1V8 so you also need a level shifter (like SN74LV1T34) if you want to use the 3V3 peripherals.

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