Some partners and distributors have no Turris products

Why link to “regional partners and distrubutors” that carry no Turris products?

  • MyWifi AS has two 3rd-party Turris products, but no official products and has not had any for more than a year.
  • Dialect’s Online store has no Turris products.
  • Init7 AG has no Turris products.

Partners may also mean they use Turris products internally. Init7 might be a candidate for that as they are an ISP in Switzerland.

Init7 was asking what sick of the omnia they had, but they didn’t replenish it when they knew it the 2022 edition coming out soon.

I got my Omnia from them in 2021, and look forward to getting the 2022 version when it’s available.

They should not be listed on the Where to buy page if they don’t sell Turris products. To list companies that that only use Turris products internally is confusing to visitors/customers of Turris.