(Solved) Turris OS 7.0 Packet manager not working anymore

Hello all,

I am new to Turris OS, I bought a used Turris Omnia with a 256 GB MSATA
and two WiFi cards pre-installed. The first owner was so friendly and installed
Turris OS 7.0 fresh for me on the mSATA and set up that the Turris Omnia is
booting only from there. I was running through the “first install process” without
any issues and/or errors. In short all is running fine. I was able to look over the
Paket manager and saw something around 7000ish available packets in th repo.

But now after a while when I hit the refresh button (update list) I get an error
I can´t workaround and/or solve alone. Below are two images from the system
I run and from the error message. Perhaps someone can help me to get rid
of this error? It is in my eyes pointed to the signature files from the repo´s
or the repos itself are not matching to my (7.0) system, could this be?

  • How can I ensure to use the right matching repo´s according to my Turris OS 7.0?
  • How can I eventually renew or reload the signatures (or keys)?

Thanks in advance for your taken time and help

Here is the screenshot of the system I am running, perhaps this helps.

Solved, I was able to solve the problem, by setting up the new repo´s (HBS)
so it was easy to realise.

src/gz turrisos_core https://repo.turris.cz/**hbl**/omnia/packages/core

was changed against the following;

src/gz turrisos_core https://repo.turris.cz/**hbs**/omnia/packages/core

Known problem Opkg in stable 7.0.0 uses hbl instead of hbs

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But was it wrong to use here the HBS? I am not using a mox I mean, I am using a
Turris Omnia and there fore it should be the HBS I thought, or am I wrong with
that thinking here? Would you be so friendly and enlighten me once more again.

I think I don´t got it really.

HBS is the general default (most stable). Docs: Early access - Turris Documentation

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From there I have the info about HBS pr better owed on this documentation I was
changing against the HBL because I got there the shown above error message.

All in all can I use the HBS instead of the HBL without harming my system?

I’m quite sure that none of the branches should “harm” your system. They’re just a range of options between newest and most time-tested.

Ahhh, ok now I can sleep a bit better, thank you very much for clarifying this for me.
I got even errors and was not really sure about to swap over to this repository.
But from there it installs very fast and without any error.

  • fail2ban
  • CrowdSec
  • Netify Agent (netifyd)

It was running false free and will be configured this afternoon., together with Sentinel it is enough for my home network. Once more again to you both @bakuka and @vcunat thank you very much for the fast and accurate help here.


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