[Solved] Transmission empty after restart

Hello all,
I have Transmission successfully installed on Turis Omnia (latest updates installed) and it works fine for a while with one huge exception. Once I restart router for whatever reason, Transmission is completely empty, all torrents are gone. Is there any way how to keep running torrents after restarts?
Thanks for hints.
Honza K.

do you have an extra drive to download to? if yes, then point all directories in the config to that drive.
if you use luci config , then there are 4 places where you can set a directory,
global settings ,files and locations (3x).

If you set all the above, it will persist after reboot

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Thanks! That is the point. I had configuration in different folder then other data.
Honza K.

I encountered the same issue. Could you explain more precisely how should I edit my config.json?