[SOLVED] SQM QoS upload limit


I created guest wifi on wlan1-1 interface and install luci-app-sqm package. Then I added in LuCI limits for wlan1-1.
Download limit works but upload doesn’t. It always use full bandwidth.

Somebody with same problem or am I doing something wrong?

Hi hlavki,

just an observation: in the SQM GUI the fields is abeled “Download speed” and “Upload speed” are somewhat misnamed*. Effectively the “Download” field controls the ingress speed the “Uplink” field the egress speed. In the typical use case, SQM instantiated on a WAN-facing interface, ingress is equal to downloads from the internet and egress is equal to uploads to the internet. If SQM is instantiated on a LAN facing interface, ingress now is equal to internet uploads and egress equal to internet downloads. So, assuming that wlan1-1 is an internal interface, you might want to try switching the speeds you configure in the download and upload fields of the GUI…

Best Regards

*) Not really misnamed, but a conscious decision has been made to “shield” novice users from having to figure out directionality in the common case, for the price that non-typical configurations require the user to quickly learn the hidden complexity.

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