[solved] Medkit built from my Turris Omnia?

Hi there,

since Turris OS is about to be released I wonder if there’s the possibility to do a full backup of my Turris Omnia which results in a medkit-[…].tar.bz2 file that I could flash in case anything goes wrong during update.
Normally everything runs fine during update but I had the such case already where I was lost in the middle of nowhere with a lot of work to setup my TO again. Just in case spare time is rare such a medkit file would do the trick for the moment. :wink:

Have a nice day!

you can use command … schnapps export

if you will be lucky you will dont get an error as we got :slight_smile:

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root@turris:~# schnapps list
    # | Type      | Size        | Date                        | Description
   24 | single    |    83.31MiB | 2019-09-06 10:38:49 +0200   | tovární
   65 | single    |    12.24MiB | 2019-09-28 22:21:47 +0200   | 3.11.7 AdBlock
root@turris:~# schnapps export 65 /srv/share

Thank you, it worked like a charm and it’s that simple…! :smile:
I didn’t test if I can restore this backup though.

Thanks a lot for the clear advice!


And copy backup image to local computer

…needless to say I think, but who knows… :wink: