[solved] luci-app-openvpn missing?

I think this luci app is good enough, non-intrusive (it works exclusively by parsing openvpn config) and works well. Is there any reason you have omitted it, while openvpn itself is installed?

Please consider adding it to installable packages.

Sorry, ignore this. I forgot to update the opkg lists, and luci-app-openvpn is among the installable packages.

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Could you get it to work? Would you mind sharing how to set it up as a basic OpenVPN client routing all traffic through the VPN? I installed the packages but there is nothing new showing up in any menu. Thanks.

You probably did not install the luci package for openvpn, so you have no menu item for it. Search for luci-app-openvpn in the software menu and install it.

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Yes, thanks. I think I had the same issue, need to update the package list first and then I found it as installable. Now it’s there. Now I just need to play with it a on an upcoming weekend.