[SOLVED] How to add delay in loading Adblock domains list

Continuing the discussion from Adblock package release for turris omnia:

As @7Fel6orX pointed that you can do a cronjob to reload adblock.
But the configuration gives that option already.
option adb_trigger 'timed'

Does anybody know how to set the delay for timed start? I have to manually reload adblock after reboot since it gets some time untill I get internet access and adblock policy claims that there is 0 overall_domains.

A cron job would be ok but to start for e.x. 60s after reboot. Any ideas? Howtos?

set adb_triggerdelay in the ‘extra’ adblock config section accordingly, e.g.:

adb_triggerdelay ‘30’ adds additional 30 seconds waiting time during startup.

@dibdot thanks, solved.
BTW what is the default delay?

By default adblock waits 30 seconds.

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