[Solved] How to access a device on WAN network from LAN using LuCI?

I am using my Turris Omnia as a router separating LAN and WAN like this:

   [My PC]                   [Turris] LAN     LAN (DHCP server)
              └───────┘         │
                      WAN (DHCP client)
 [Cable Modem] (DHCP server)──────────┐
                                [VoIP Phone]  (hidden from PC, that's O.K)

My question is: How can I configure LuCI so that I can get access the web UI of my Cable Modem (192.168.100) from My PC?

I would prefer doing this by mapping the Cable Modem IP address to, let’s say, if that is possible. Can a “Relay Bridge” be used for that?

OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055

I’d think this just works out of the box. My Turris LAN has private 192.168.x.* range and all devices can normally communicate with outside private 10.* range (my ISP’s network, providing e.g. DNS, but that shouldn’t matter AFAIK).

I mean, if it does not work, I’d investigate primarily the “Cable Modem” and not Turris.

This How to route via eth1? looks a bit similar

Thanks for the tips @anon82920800 and @vcunat. As both of you implied, I should turn my focus away from Turris (and there, I four the fix). Turns out, that I was able to access my cable modem using a Laptop of a friend. After a bit of comparison:

It was my freedome VPN client (forgot all about it). It does not send calls to 192.168.100.x to to my network.

Thanks for the help! For now, I need to disable the vpn client to access the modem. All good.

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