[SOLVED] Cannot remove DHCPv6 static lease with "unlimited" lease time

I did have a win10 host which I added to “static entries” in luci with some ipv4 address. But for some reason this host created a dhcpv6 static entry instead of a dhcpv4 one.

So I wanted to remove that entry so I removed the host from the entries list completely but that didn’t remove the DHCPv6 entry. It still shows with the no longer existing hostname listed under the DHCPv6 leases and I have no clue how to remove that entry as there’s no buttons or anything and as it’s lease time is set to “unlimited” I guess it will never expire.

I already checked /etc/config/dhcp but it’s not listed in there. Also /tmp/dhcp.leases and /tmp/dhcp.lease.dynamic don’t have any trace of the DHCPv6 lease.

Would be really nice to know how I can remove this obsolete entry.

I finally found out that it lived in /tmp/hosts by using a long running find command. So I had to remove that entry and then it was gone.

where do you see that entry?
can you post screenshot?