[SOLVED] 3,5" harddisk not spinning up


hello everybody,

i bought the nas case and want to use an 2,5" ssd for lxc and backup and a 3,5" harddisk for sharing. I’ve a mini-pci sata-controller with two connectors. The controller is working since i can already use the ssd-drive, but the 3,5" drive is not spinning up. I’ve tried 3 different drives, none of them is working. It looked like there is an issue with the 12v power line, however, i measured the voltage on the cable and everything seems to be fine. I’ve got the right voltage on every single pin. Do you have any idea? Is there a different power chord for the nas perk?


@rupatsn I think it’s not about the voltage it’s about the power current. Since you have two drives I guess it’s not enough amperes (A) to power the two drives. Please try only with the harddrive connected but no ssd.

There was some subject about nas power cable somewhere on the forum…


Today i tested a regular 2,5" drive which was spinning up flawlessly, so it seems to be indeed an power issue. But I don’t understand why since the voltage is correct. The cable i am using is this one. Do you know any different cable, with 2x Sata and additional connector for a fan? Or do i need a more powerful power chord?


Thank you for your reply! I already tested the harddrive only. But i had still connected my lte modem - i will check it without that and without the ssd.


Ok, i tried it: I removed the lte-modem and the wireless-card, left only the sata-controller with the 3,5" harddrive connected. Still no luck - the hd isn’t spinning.


Indeed there is a topic already. Seems to be the same problem. Sorry, i took the wrong keywords… I will try the solution.


Same cable, same solution. @AreYouLoco Thank you for the hint!


@rupatsn Please mark solution link in the topic and/or add [SOLVED] keyword for the future readers to the subject.