[SOLD] Turris Omnia 2GB Black + Wallmount, €200


this Turris was bought through the Kickstarter Event 2016.

Used it for some weeks, but the Wi-Fi 5Ghz card Issue:

  • 5Ghz vanishing after update of the config(needs a restart of the router)
  • Poore WLAN Range, even with 100mW output made me switch back to my good old WNDR4000.

I made a factory reset on the router, perhaps somebody else gets happy with it and can solve the WLAN problem. Beside that the router is hell of fast and works like a charm.


  • Turris Omnia Router, with 2 GB Ram upgrade (3 antenna, power supply, original transportbox)
    Serial number: 47244702362
  • Omnia wall mount

Delivery in Austria: free
Delivery worldwide: 1,2kg Austrian post, package insured


Can You specify the cost of shipping to the Poland?


the shipping costs for Poland are 12,90€ (registered mail,priority,insured,2-5days)

Shipping to Canada cost? Will probably acquire it if the above Polish Human does not want it

Never mind I missed a reply to post that will work out better

Hey, would you sell the wallmount seperately?

If so, how much incl. shipment to Germany?

Sorry, no separately selling.

I’d need another cardboard box just for the wallmount itself. Just with bubblewrap and an envelope i’m not sure in what condition it may arrive - it’s a very thin and shaped steelplate.