[SOLD] Turris MOX Power AP

I have a brand new unused Turris MOX Power Wi-Fi that I no longer need, and am looking to sell. It has no SD card, includes modules A+G (the +Wi-Fi mPCIe Upgrade), default 512MB RAM and an EU power cord.

The item’s located in Australia, and I’m selling it for $110 USD as long as buyer pays shipping on top of that.

Item name and description as per my receipt:
Turris MOX: Dual-Band Access Point for Omnia - extended, no SD card (included modules: A+G) 512 MB RAM - EU. The unit includes one RJ-45, one USB3 port, the SDIO 2x2 WiFi card, the 3x3 mPCIe WiFi card, so it sounds like you’ve got the right one in mind.

DM me with your address, and I’ll be more than happy to get a quote for shipping, as well as provide whatever else you need for confirmation or clarification. Thanks!