[sold] Turis Omnia 2GB WiFi, Wall-Mount, blue in germany

Hello there,

i am sellinmg my Turris Omnia with WiFi, 2GB RAM and Wall Mount in Bremen, Germany.

I bought it via the Crownfunding campaign, but i am using a Virtual OPNsense now.

The Omnia run about two hours, so it is nearly unused.



I’m interested if you could consider shipping it to Sweden.

I am interested, can you ship to the USA ?
PayPal or other payment.
Rgds. Michel

It is no Problem to send the Omnia, the shipping cost to sweden via DHL will be 14,00€ and to the USA 37,00€.
I don’t now anything about toll and taxes.

Hey, is the router still available?

Sorry, but it’s already sold