[SOLD] Selling Turris Omnia 2GB, NAS kit

I’m selling my Turris Omnia 2GB plus NAS kit. Router was bought in January 2018 from Amazon Germany, NAS kit was bought in February 2018 from Discomp.

I’m asking 200€ for the Omnia, 50€ for the NAS kit or 230€ for both, possibly plus shipping (depends on actual cost).

Hi @Manul, I guess the NAS kit includes the miniPCI-e module with the 2 SATA connectors, SATA and power cables?

It does include the module and a (dual) power cable. It also came with SATA cables but these proved too short for the case so I exchanged them. I’m not sure whether I still have the original ones but if I do I will of course include them.

Hi Manul,
If it’s still available I’ll take both for 230€. I’m living in Germany so shipping shouldn’t be that much.

Unfortunately I can’t initiate private massages because I’m a new user. Could please you PM me? I assure you that I’m a real person xD

Thank you!

PM sent. Need more characters.

In case ghost’s interest might vanish, I’d also be interested.

I have the same kit laying unused in a drawer :confused:
Would be happy to see it put to better use. Could part with it for the same price as Manul requested + shipping from Sweden.

Sorry for not updating earlier. Omnia was sold to ghost.