[SOLD] Sealed, silver, 2GB RAM and wall mount


Color: Silver
Wireless: none
Wall Mount: yes

We wait our whole life at things. We wait i am not sure how many hours at the trafficlight each year. We sleep 1/3 of our lives, we travel(wait) i am not sure how many days each year to the grocery store, work, school, home etc.

About the software being mature. No software is 100% mature. Bugs are part of it. The question that one needs to ask him/her self is, WHAT DO I NEED? I am most probably sure that you do not need to install ALL the packages. So you need specific functionality on the Omnia. I would say focus on that and we as a community try our best to help one another.

Me helping another person, what will i get out of it? I mean i “waist” my time helping somebody, but a smile on somebody else it’s face is like a smile on my own face. I mean i also get in to problems that i do not have sufficient knowledge to fix it, so i ask help.

The power of opensource is community. That is the whole idea behind it all. So think about it.


for anyone familiar with OpenWRT the software is pretty much ready for use.

For the most basic users it is also ready.

There is just a margin of “power users” not yet familiar with OpenWRT which would really like more features on the basic webUI.

so… you’re selling something you haven’t received yet or have in your possession?

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