[SOLD]/[PRODANO] unused Lte modem EU for Turris Omnia/nepouzity Lte modem EU pro Turris Omnia

Selling unused Lte modem EU for Turris Omnia
all accessory included:

  • miniPCIe modem card
  • antennas
  • pigtails
  • alu cooling cube
  • screws

70EUR international shipping included
sending from UK

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The modem is located in UK.


I need an LTE extension kit, but unfortunately, I am located in USA and the UK kit will not work here. But can you help me by letting me know the size of the cooling block so that I can install an aftermarket kit?


Hi Kapil, what a pity.

dimensions of base = 25x30 [mm]
height with silicon pad = 20mm
height without silicon pad = 18mm

I am hoping you will find dimensions helpful.

Is it still available?

Yes it is available.