Sold - Germany - Turris Omnia silver + T-Shirt

I finally decided to sell my Turris Omnia :disappointed:
I was really looking forward to it but I actually do not use most of its advanced features as I simply do not find the time. Sad but true. Now I can hopefully make one of you happy with it :wink:

I had it running for some weeks and have used the WLAN which was working better than my old router. So I must state it is used though it was mostly idle until I turned it off.

My offer would be 175€ plus shipping from Germany.
As a bonus you could also get the original t-shirt from the Indiegogo campaign :shirt: (turquoise, size L).

Is this 2GB version?

IIRC all from the campaign were 2G.

No, that’s the 1GB version. The 2GB was added as an add-on later…

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