Software updater error message

I got following error e-mail:

Update notifications

Updater selhal:
unreachable: Couldn’t resolve host ‘

But I also got an e-mail with this:

Update notifications

• Installed version 0.1-1 of package foris-controller-pakon-module
• Installed version 1-12 of package foris-pakon-plugin

What is wrong?

That informs you that updater failed updates check because it could not resolve This is most probably because at time of its execution router was without internet connection.

I know my problem is not the same, but I also received this error as part of 3.10.1

Updater selhal: 
corruption: Signature validation failed

I can see that packages were installed.
Is there anything I would need to run to verify their integrity?

Appreciate your help.

Please check time sequence. Most probably your router ran updater just in time when we were deploying new version. That causes miss match between downloaded files and their signatures (either one of them can be from new release instead of older one). That results to signature validation failure. In such case updater does no change to system. Subsequent update should be from later time and is another updater execution (this time with new system update).

Thank you.

Eastern Daylight Time ‎(UTC-4)‎

Notification from 2018/06/07 04:41:36
The system was updated, but some changes will take effect only after reboot. Please reboot the device.

Update from 2018/06/07 09:49:22
Updater selhal:
corruption: Signature validation failed

I also had this

Updater selhal:
corruption: Signature validation failed

Tried few times to manually update and at some point it went fine. I am sure it’s related to connectivity error.

Got the same today. Hope the server will be back