SmokePing or similar tool for network stability monitoring

Hi all,
recently I’ve found SmokePing utility. Do you somebody have experience, if it is possible to install it on Turris?
Or do you know about any similar tool available on Turris, which will be basically able to ping periodically few hosts and draw nice graphs for some time period with rtt and packet loss?

And what about participate on

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try to request a probe. But still I would like to have some custom solution on my Turris/Omnia. I would like to watch custom destinations, deploy it on two places (I have both old Turris and new Omnia) and so on.

maybe try collectd-mod-ping

just dont give it too much hosts :wink:

I forgot to mention it in the initial question, I have the ping plugin for collectd configured, but for some reason it didn’t show the first graph (which probably should contain the rtt - min, max, avg), just the second one:

And the graphs from SmokePing are slightly nicer :slight_smile: and more descriptive.

I run Smokeping on my Omnia in an LXC container, and it works very well. Once you’ve got the container set up, you can set it up just like you would on any other full distro (debian, etc).

Doesn’t seem to use much CPU or anything, and seems fairly responsive too, so I’d recommend this approach.

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Great idea! Now I have good reason to get to know the LXC containers.