Smart Queue Management

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I`m using
Firmware Version OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055 / LuCI 99f44f6487b785ccda359c3986e8606dd39dd111 branch (git-17.125.68803-99f44f6)
Kernel Version 4.4.79-967673b9d511e4292e3bcb76c9e064bc-0

and I found problem in module: SQM QoS

the values for download and upload are shuffled.

I have to write in download speed field value for upload and in upload field value for download.

Has somebody the same problem?


can you please let us know on which interface you configured sqm?

Let me guess, you instantiated the shaper not on the wan interface but on an internally facing interface? In that case that is expected behavior, as the shaper directions are truly ingress and egress from the router’s perspective. And that perspective is not necessarily aligned with the relative direction towards the internet.
Let me expand: on the WAN interface packets arriving from internet downloads (downloads either to the router itself of to computers in the internal network) arrive over the ingress side of the WAN interface; and packets being send (either from the router or internal computers) to the internet leave over the WAN interface’s egress “side”; in this case the interfaces view of the data directions is aligned with the view from an internal user towards the internet.
If the shaper is instantiated on an internally facing interface, then this alignment gets lost: packets coming from the internet leave the interface via its egress side (as they are send from the router as outgoing/egress towards the internal network); and packets being send towards the internet reach the interface via its incoming/ingress side (as they are received from computers in the internal network).
The crux is that sqm really only allows you to configure the ingress and egress side as it realistically has no way of knowing how packets actually reach the internet. For the GUI we tried to name things in a way that casual user’s doing the “normal” single sqm instance on the WAN setup will not have to deal with the differences between towards-router-directionality and towards-internet-directionality. Specifically, we nicknamed ingress “Download” and egress “Upload” making the normal thing easy (but note that we also included the terms ingress and egress in the GUI to give hints to more advanced users and/or configurations). Essentially we opted to only confuse people wanting something special instead of confusing everybody ;).
Now, if you B that flip on the WAN interface you might have found a bug that needs investigating, so please holler…

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