Slow WiFi, not sure how to debug or fix

Hello, everyone!

I have an Omnia that I got back in 2018. Recently, the WiFi has become a little bit flaky.

  • After rebooting the router for a software update, sometimes the WiFi doesn’t work until a second reboot
  • WiFi is slow, but the Internet connection on wired devices is fine
  • All the devices I’m using are on the desk where the router is (-53 dBm to -49 dBm)
  • The Internet pipe downloads at 12 MB/s, but currently I’m only getting 25 KB/s for Nintendo-game updates according to
  • image downloads on the iPad are slow (takes tens of seconds to download JPEGs under 1 MB)
  • radio0 is Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880 802.11bgnac, using 5 GHz and 802.11ac with 80 MHz wide channel
  • no guest network

I haven’t changed the WiFi settings in several years. The most I’ve done with the router is dust and vacuum around it and let it update its firmware when it wants to.

What can/should I do to debug and/or fix this?

Thanks in advance!

The first help for wi-fi strange behavior is to reset the wifi in the reForis menu and its new settings.

How do I reset just the WiFi settings?

How simple dear Watson :slight_smile: … it’s an option in reForis hidden at the very bottom in Network Settings - WIFI

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Took a screenshot of my old settings, reset the settings, typed in my old SSID and password, and everything came back faster. Thanks!

Glad it works for you!

I guess you did not make a backup of /etc/config before the reset, so that you could compare and tell what was the culprit?

Nope. If I’d have known about it, I’d have happily downloaded it and diffed it.

It should be salvageable from snapshots, but perhaps there’s not enough motivation anymore…

Setting up wifi isn’t such a big tragedy that one can’t set it from hand.

You should delete all wifi setup and reconfigure from scratch.

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