Should data collection already work with TurrisOS 5 and

HaaS is already working, but it seems, that I can’t get to get any data from my router.
It is already registered and accepted the EULA, collectd is working as well, but I’m not really sure, how I can debug it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Turris OS 5.0 is based on Sentinel and not ucollect. Portal is tied to ucollect. Data collected by Sentinel can be viewer there:

Is there a way to see attackers that targeted my device specifically? (Like it was in ucollect)

Not at the moment. Collected data are identified by device token. We are woking right now on possibility of filtering displayed data based on device token.

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Thanks for your clarification. :blush:
The issue doesn’t seem to be public…